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November 6, 2017

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, New Beginnings Residential Treatment Facilities will be proud to have finished yet another year of providing needed and beneficial services to those who are placed in our care to achieve exceptional accomplishments.

We have contributed so much to clients, and as our vision is constantly changing to enhance our services. In entering 2018, we expect brighter and challenging opportunities, with those challenges in mind came a new revelation as to enhance our services.

One of the biggest achievements of 2017, was the number of clients who transitioned out of the program successfully. Many clients were reunified with their families and many clients used the information provided New Beginnings Residential Treatment Facilities to progress into the AB12 program. Also, New Beginnings Residential Treatment Facilities had clients who graduated high school and were to start their higher education or attend college. NBRTF provided clients with information and resources to ensure that all clients excel in education.

We would like to share some updates on client(s) transitional success stories; New Beginnings has implemented a school incentive program in which clients receive a monetary school incentive of $8.00 a week for attending school. Incentives can motivate teens to become interested in school in which they might not have been interested in initially. Incentives can also motivate clients to continue their involvement in school as a result they will get better grades. This school year we have had 6 clients on the honor roll. One of which received a total of received the following:

• 02/14/17- Report Card, Val Verde High School 4.0

• 02/21/17- Academic Awards Ceremony at Rancho Verde High School, Moreno Valley, CA.

• 03/08/17- Awards Assembly at Rancho Verde H.S.:

o Student of the Month RCOE

o Student of the Month for Val Verde School District

o Student of the Month from State Senate

o Certificate of Recognition Board of Supervisors

o Student of the Month Moreno Valley College

o Certificate of Congressional Recognition Congress State

o Student of the Month Chamber of Commerce

• 05/08/17- Student of the year award, $1,000 scholarship at Rancho Verde high school

• 05/12/17- Progress grades 3.75 GPA.

• 05/29/17-Graduated with a 4.0 GPA

New Beginnings has also implemented an AWOL incentive where client receive $10.00 a month for not AWOLing. This has decreased the number of AWOLs.

New Beginnings Residential Treatment Facilities provides a therapeutic environment always which encompasses many different aspects of the program that enables the clients of NBRTF to obtain all the tools necessary to not only survive in our society, but to become an active contributing citizen of the community. NBRTF is unique in that it was established to provide for parenting/non-parenting teen mothers. NBRTF main priority is to provide an environment that will enable all teen mothers to establish healthy parenting skills. We provided various forms of parenting education this year to include parenting classes and programs through our county, city and local communities. Two of NBRTF administrator successfully completed the Nurturing Parenting Programs and became certified Nurturing Parenting Facilitators.

Additionally, awareness and education were provided regarding LGBTQ, anger management, domestic violence, human trafficking workshops, values groups, etiquette and gang awareness. NBRTF wants to ensure that all clients are provided with sufficient material to empower them to become excellent parents.

As we transition into 2018, New Beginnings Residential Treatment Facilities will continue to embrace our mission.

To always honor and protect the

“Personal Rights of Children”

To provide a safe and nurturing environment in a homelike setting for the children

Entrusted in our care and to give them every opportunity to become a healthy

And productive citizen of our society:

With that in mind our teens are awarded a

“New Beginning”